Inbound is not new to marketing, but it has evolved over the past several years. Buying habits have changed. We all search online before we make buying decisions. We look for information and educational materials that will guide us in those choices. 60% of all buyers have made a selection before they contact you. Having a strong presence on the web is critical. Companies need to show they have the solutions for the problems people are seeking to solve. In helping our customers build a better presence on the web, we see firsthand what a difference it makes. As a HubSpot Partner, we can provide even more inbound expertise than ever. We are here to teach and to ensure your inbound strategy is successful.

Content Creation

The heart of any Inbound Marketing campaign is great content. Without it, there isn’t anything for visitors and prospects to find when they search the web. Memorable and educational content is what drives search engine traffic your way. The trick is, you can’t just write anything.You need a plan. Once you have a plan, you need writers to put that plan into action and stick with it over the long haul. We can help do all that. We’ve seen great content drive traffic successfully. The payoff can be huge.


In the early days of the web, bloggers wrote about the things near and dear to their hearts. At the same time, search engine developers were working hard to find and retrieve the best search results. Over time, both groups realized that authoritative voices on any subject wrote frequently. But it wasn’t just the volume of writing that mattered; it was also the quality of links that pointed to that writing. Bloggers had a natural advantage. They discussed and shared knowledge on the subjects they knew about with others that did the same. The result? Search engines valued blogging content and displayed it prominently in results. Businesses can use blogging to do the same, and XK3 can help you do it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want customers to find you when they search online for solutions they need. Tailoring your content helps them find you instead of the competition. That’s SEO in a nutshell. Let’s just be upfront.There is no magic bullet for SEO. It’s a process that takes a time and effort commitment. Customers won’t find your relevant content unless you are creating it. Creating good content takes a plan and the discipline to stick with it. Whether it’s a product launch, brand awareness or a complete overhaul of your content we can help.

Social Publishing

We all hear the talk that a social media presence is critical to reaching your audience. Is it? The answer is nebulous. It depends. It’s like any other kind of advertising. If you discover that your audience is active on social channels, you need to do the same. But you have to be smart about it. Social media can be all-consuming if you let it. That’s where we can help. We’ll dig to discover where and how you can best connect with customers on social media. We can then help you craft a social media presence that makes the most sense for your brand.

Lead Generation

Every company wants to make sure they reach the prospects that are the most likely to become customers. But what defines a good lead? Sales and Marketing would probably each tell you something different. The key is both working together to determine what makes for a quality lead. Then you have to cast the right net to catch them and convert prospects into leads. XK3 knows what it takes to bring everyone together, agree on what’s needed, and grow the business.


If you are going to be successful today, you need to collect data and understand it. That begs a lot of questions. What data do you collect? How do you interpret it? What actions do you take from it? It starts with a plan with clear goals and objectives. Sometimes the results are surprising, but that’s why collecting and analyzing data is important. It can show us things that we wouldn’t have seen any other way. Data insights can lead you toward smarter sales and marketing, and we can help guide you in the process.

Lead Nurturing

Got lots of leads? That’s great. Now what? What changes Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)? Again, both sides have to agree. Great marketing with intelligent messaging can provide a constant stream of new leads. The right system can help decide which ones are ripe to keep the Sales team humming. XK3 can work with you to put the steps in place that make a difference.

Email Marketing

All advertising is disruptive. It has to catch your attention and redirect your thoughts. Nowhere is this more relevant than your Inbox. Getting emails opened amidst the clutter of the Inbox is an art. There’s science to it too of course, but any guarantee of open or click rates isn’t being truthful. Just the same, email advertising can work when done right, especially if prospects are expecting to hear from you. It’s an iterative and evolving process. We can help you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Customer Engagement

In the olden days of advertising, there was little or no way for customers to interact with companies. Today is the opposite. Businesses and brands encourage customers to engage. In fact, when they do, it gives us the chance to delight customers with more than they asked for in the beginning. When messaging is on target, it sparks an effect, a reaction, or a response. A connection is made. But what drives their decisions? How can we put ourselves in the best position to be the choice customers make? That’s the beautiful thing about the Internet. We can measure this engagement and make smarter marketing decisions. We can learn why customers buy. And more importantly, use what we learn to show them why they should buy from you.