Every company or brand that sells should have a content marketing strategy. What is it? It’s a fancy term for planning the purpose behind the information you share. The purpose, of course, is to encourage people to buy from you. The content is anything that helps people make that decision. It could be articles, white papers, magazine ads, infographics or even video to name a few. 

A content marketing strategy also requires careful thought behind the content you share and with whom you share it. You want to reach your ideal buyers, or personas, with the right message. A CEO might need to hear a different message than someone on the Marketing team. A tech company might connect with its audience best online. A less savvy crowd might need a tangible mailer. 

Even with personas mapped out, content still has to match the Buyer’s Journey to be effective. You need content that educates at each stage of the journey. People in the Awareness Stage are still grappling to define the problem or opportunity ahead of them. Consideration Stage content moves a step further. Once the problem or opportunity is understood, there may be many types of solutions. Which is best? The Decision Stage focuses on a specific solution strategy. Ideally, this approach is one you offer, and this becomes your opportunity to highlight why you are a better choice than the competition. 

The bottom line? You need great content. Then you need a smart content management strategy that gets it to the right audience at the right place and the right time. XK3 can help.

Case Studies

Prospects like to see results. Seeing that you’ve got a successful track record builds confidence. Highlighting a success with existing customers is a great way to build a trust with new ones. XK3 can help you determine which successful projects best show off your strengths. Then we can craft that success into a story that’s easy to share with prospects. If they can see themselves in the same place, you’ve taken a step toward making them a customer.

White Papers

Customers like to buy from companies that know what they are doing. A white paper is an excellent way to show that you do. In the traditional sense, a white paper is informational. It presents a business case that customers relate to and can understand. A great white paper should make them think and show that you can help them solve a business need. As cliché as it might sound, it should also show that you are a thought leader. That builds their confidence in you. If done right, when the time comes for them to time buy, they will think of you first. XK3 can help you do it right.

Blog Articles

Where a white paper is static, a blog article is an invitation for customers to communicate. Blog articles should educate and show you are leading the pack instead of following. Opening this kind of dialogue can be scary, but it can create astounding loyalty. You become the company that understands them. You get their points of pain because you are listening.Writing articles and engaging customers takes a bit of thought and flair. We can help you with both.

Press Releases

Whether you are touting a new client, new employee or new product, press releases show you are active. Aside from justbeing current, news should also be strategic. Your brand values should ripple through every announcement. The voice of your announcements should be your own.Press releases should correspond with other marketing activities to engage customers and prospects. That’s where we can help. XK3 has a strong background in honing these kinds of messages. We can help you deliver clear, engaging communications that matter.

Sales Collateral

Think printed sales collateral is extinct? Not so fast. A beautiful brochure or flyer left behind can be the difference between you and your competition in this digital age. There’s something special about putting a tangible representation of your brand into someone’s hands. It stays with them and keeps selling you long after you aren’t there. Electronic versions of the same pieces allow you to double down. Deliver the same message via email, the web, or in person. We can help you do all three.


Educating your customers is part of becoming the source they look to for the answers. Webinars are a fantastic way to do this, but it takes some planning and promotion. We can help you create webinars that are thoughtful and engaging. We’ll work with you to promote your webinars and help you follow up with viewers that engage. In the end, a webinar can be a win-win for you and your customers. They learn, and you earn their trust.


We can work with you to craft your story. Once we map the basic goals of a story together, we’ll put on our creative hats. Custom graphics, unique perspectives, and different ways of seeing things often emerge. A picture tells a thousand words and a well-crafted presentation can say much more than that. Product presentations, sales decks, IPO roadshows, and investor decks all do the same thing. They tell a story with a purpose. One intended to inspire engagement and action.

Marketing Campaigns

Are you launching a new product or service? Are you promoting an event? Letting customers know you will attend a trade show or conference? XK3 can help you craft the right message with the most impact. Let’s face it; budgets are real. Marketing doesn’t have an endless supply of funds. You need to get the most bang for your buck. Beautiful design, crafty messaging, and strategic placement are what we do. Doing it on a budget and helping you track the results is where we excel.


You’d need to drive more business, but where do you advertise? Do you promote online or in print? Do you need a quick boost in revenue from Search Engine Marketing? Or does a long-term content and Search Engine Optimization plan make the most sense? XK3 can help you walk through those processes and decide. We’ll start by helping you define what makes your products and services different from your competition. What is your special sauce? Then we’ll work with you to deliver the right message, to the right customer at the right time.

Trade Show

Trade shows can be a great way for a brand to hit the ground running. There’s nothing quite like quality time spent with people focused on finding solutions just like yours. You get to show thought leadership in your field to a captive audience. The problem? Trade shows can be a big expense and a huge effort. And after all that, you find yourself in a sea of booths just like yours. How do you stand out from the crowd and get the best bang for your buck? XK3 can help you negotiate with trade shows to get the most of your dollars. We’ll also help you plan which shows are the most effective and which ones might need a pass. Then it’s about planning and execution. We can help with everything you’ll need before, during, and after a show ends to get the most out of your experience.

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