In the olden days of advertising, there was little or no way for customers to interact with companies. Today is the opposite. Businesses and brands encourage customers to engage. When messaging is on target it sparks an effect, a reaction, or a response. A connection is made. But what drives their decisions? How can we put ourselves in the best position to be the choice customers make? That’s the beautiful thing about the Internet. We can measure this engagement and make smarter marketing decisions. We can learn why customers buy. And more important, use what we learn to show them why they should buy from you.

Digital Marketing

Our world has become dependent upon digital interaction. It should be no surprise that digital marketing has exploded. Good advertising places ads where customers are looking, and everyone is looking online. Websites, social media, and mobile applications are just a few of the places ads are thriving. What’s the best part? We can help you plan digital advertising and measure the performance. Together we’ll discover what works best.

Physical Marketing

Print is dead. Some would have you believe that is true, but it’s not. A physical piece can be one of easiest ways to be memorable. People remember things they can hold or touch. It’s easy to see why this medium is making a comeback. What is different today are the ways that physical and digital marketing are combined. Physical pieces send people online where you can track their interaction. Instead of send and hope, now we can send and measure. That’s a huge difference.

Social Media Presence

We all hear the talk that a social media presence is critical to reaching your audience. Is it? The answer is nebulous. It depends. It’s like any other kind of advertising. If you discover that your audience is on social channels, you likely need to do the same. But you have to be smart about it. Social media can be all-consuming if you let it. That’s where we can help. We’ll dig to discover where and how you can best connect with customers on social media. We can then help you craft a social media presence that makes the most sense for your brand.

Web Development

The place prospects seek out your products and services first is usually your website. Almost everyone does research online before buying these days. Is your message clear on your site? Is it easy for customers to learn or even buy from you online? If they don’t know you exist, how do they find you in the first place? This is where a lot of disciplines combine. A solid content strategy with keywords and advertising helps you get found. Great design and great content help turn prospects into customers.

Email Campaigns

All advertising is disruptive. It has to catch your attention and redirect your thoughts. Nowhere is this more relevant than your Inbox. Getting emails opened amidst the clutter of the Inbox is an art. There’s science to it too of course, but any guarantee of open or click rates isn’t being truthful. However, email advertising can work when done right. It’s an iterative and evolving process. We can help you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Lead Generation

Every company should make sure their brand reaches the leads they want. But what defines a good lead? Sales and Marketing would likely each tell you something different. The key is both working together to define quality leads and cast the right net to catch them. XK3 knows what it takes to bring everyone together, agree on what’s needed, and grow the business.

Lead Nurturing

Got lots of leads? That’s great. Now what? What changes Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)? Again, both sides have to agree. Great marketing with intelligent messaging can provide a constant stream of new leads. The right system can help decide which ones are ripe to keep the Sales team humming. XK3 can work with you to put the steps in place that make a difference.


Educating your customers is part of becoming the source they look to for the answers. Webinars are a fantastic way to do this, but it takes some planning and promotion. We can help you create webinars that are thoughtful and engaging. We’ll work with you to promote your webinars and help you follow up with customers that engage. In the end, a webinar can be a win-win for you and your customers. They learn and you earn their trust.


If you are going to be successful today, you need to collect data and understand it. That likely begs a lot of questions. What data to collect? How to interpret it? What actions to take from it? It starts with a plan. One that includes clear goals and objectives. Sometimes the results are surprising, but that’s why collecting and analyzing data is important. It can show us things that we wouldn’t have seen any other way. Data insights can lead you toward smarter sales and marketing, and we can help guide you in the process.