Culture Building – Change Healthcare Customer Centricity

Solution: Culture Building - Change Healthcare Customer Centricity Document


Change Healthcare knew proper culture building needed to focus on exceptional customer service. They wanted to inspire internal conversations around it. The idea was rather simple. Excellent customer service was good business, and they wanted to show why.

Everyone understood the common sense behind treating customers well, but that wasn’t enough. Change Healthcare wanted all their customer philosophies in writing. A document would be something tangible for people to rally behind. Putting customers first could become something other than just an idea. In short, they wanted to give everyone a document to share and discuss. Most of all, they wanted the discussion to be about why customer service mattered so much to success.

Change Healthcare came to XK3 with only a few notes, conversations, and general ideas. The challenge would be to take these ideas and create something that contained truths. It needed to be easy to understand and spark excitement. Most of all, the message needed to stand the test of time.


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Solution: Culture Building – Change Healthcare Customer Centricity

XK3 took all the notes and ideas and created an aspirational guide for Change Healthcare. An entertaining 73 page PDF contained a message that was direct and clear. Common sense dictated that putting customers first was always the right thing to do. The truth was that business success depended on it.

The final document was one of the most unique culture building pieces that XK3 has produced. Inspirational messages made the philosophy of Customer Centricity easy to understand. Most noteworthy, striking visuals made the message easy to remember.

Reception at Change Healthcare was stellar. For the first time, Customer Centricity was no longer just a collection of loose ideas. The PDF finally made it easy to share, discuss, and embrace Customer Centricity. Everyone knew it was necessary and they now had a common way to discuss it. Most important of all, key points became part of the everyday Change Healthcare language.